The hospital, under the guidance of our surgeons have invested heavily in the most advanced technology available in refractive surgery.

The maintenance costs alone are quite frightening and we are so grateful to our private patients who provide the funds to allow the hospital to purchase this equipment which is  then available to NHS patients whenever it is required.

Carl Zeiss Mel 90 Excimer Laser

The Sheffield Vision Centre originally invested in a German built MEL- 80 Excimer laser designed by the world renowned laser manufacturer, Carl Zeiss Meditec. We are so impressed with the quality of this technology that we have now upgraded to the latest Mel 90 version.

Carl Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser

This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique. The Visumax is the ideal platform for therapeutic and refractive applications of cutting-edge corneal surgery.

Our Visumax laser means that we have now been able to introduced the third generation of laser refractive eye surgery to our portfolio known as ReLEx-SmILE, an excellent treatment for short-sight.  This all-femtosecond procedure goes beyond LASIK, offering most of the same advantages but without the need for a corneal flap.

Carl Zeiss WASCA (Wavefront Aberration-Supported Corneal Ablation) and Atlas Topographer.


All potential laser patients undergo Wavefront Analysis and Atlas topography at their free consultation.

Wavefront analysis judges the eyes optical performance beyond that traditionally considered by an optometrist in an eye examination. Wavefront guided treatment can be used, if required, in an attempt to maximise visual acuity and minimize night vision symptoms in susceptible patients. The only way to decide whether wavefront guided treatment might be beneficial is to undertake this evaluation on every potential laser patient and to consider the results alongside other factors. 

Atlas topography is another measurement of the shape and curvature of your eye which can be used by the surgeons to optimise results depending on the treatment required.

Your consultant will consider the results of these tests as part of your treatment planning and discuss with you whether you are likely to benefit from the inclusion of these results in your treatment. Whether we include these results in your treatment, or not, has no effect on the cost to us, or to you.

Presbyond® Laser Blended Vision

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is an additional option in our WASCA planning portfolio.  We offer this proven treatment to most over 45's undergoing LASIK; It means that laser treatment can be used to reduce or eliminate the need for reading as well as distance glasses in this age group. 

IOLMaster Examination

Patients undergoing refractive lens surgery have their eyes examined and measured with the Carl Zeiss IOL Master, an extremely accurate way of predicting intra-ocular lens power.


 Oculus Pentacam

Every individual is examined with the Oculus Pentacam at their first visit.  This 'Scheimflug Camera' produces detailed maps of the cornea, including its front and back surfaces, thickness and 'refractive power'.  This information is vital in planning both laser and lens surgery.