All staff at Sheffield Vision Centre are employed by the NHS and also work in the hospitals eye department. As such, they have built up considerable experience in examining and assessing eyes. 
Our staff take a very personal interest in your vision and follow your progress passionately over the time that you attend our facilty to make sure of the best outcome to meet with your expectations.  Our staff try to ensure that you do not feel rushed; this is not a a conveyer belt clinic, we spend time to get to know you and to understand exactly what you need to get out of your vision treatment.

Matthew Edwards – Consultant Opthamologist.

Professional Biography - See previous tab entitled "Our Surgeons"

Personal Biography - Matthew lives locally in Dore: He is married with three children.

He is not a man that relaxes easily, being very dedicated to both a very busy work schedule and a hectic family life, not made any easier by the family's cocker spaniel, Mylo. He is an experienced rock climber, although this sport has nowadays been superseded with what should be described as an obsession with cycling. His idea of a relaxing weekend is to take part in a 100 mile cycling sportif and even on work days he seems quite incapable of cycling in a straight line. A 30 mile detour through Derbyshire on the way to work is quite common during the summer months. We are told, he is also an accomplished pianist although we are still waiting for this to be proven. He now tells us he is learning the clarinet - very annoying. This all makes the rest of us feel quite inadequate.




Mr Mathew Raynor - Consultant Opthamologist

Professional Biography - See previous tab entitled "Our Surgeons"

Personal Biography - Mathew is married with two sons. He finds living on the edge of the Peak District ideal for his outdoor hobbies of walking, cycling, photography and generally enjoying the British countryside. He was formerly a competitive ballroom dancer but time constraints no longer allow this and he has to make do with Strictly Come Dancing for his fix of foxtrot.

His exacting personality and intellect make him a superb educator and very popular with junior staff keen to learn and develop their skills.





"Both of our surgeons are friendly and very approachable; we consider ourselves very fortunate to be their colleagues and friends and to be able to offer our full support to this unusual NHS/Private initiative" - Jon Stokes - Principal optometrist.


Jo Chalupka – Lead Nurse (Corneal / Anterior segment specialist)

Professional Biography - After qualifying in 1990 Jo spent the next 8 years specialising in Neuro-surgical theatres as a Scrub Nurse (the one who passes the instruments to the surgeon) before a car accident meant she was re-deployed to the Day Case Centre where she spent 3 years looking after several different specialities, including - General (lumps & bumps & things), Dental, Urology, Colorectal and lots of Ophthalmology. She decided to specialise in Ophthalmology and joined the Cataract Pre-assessment team in 2001.

Jo was asked by Matthew Edwards to join SVC at its inception in 2005. This was a much smaller team, before we had our purpose built facility at the Hallamshire Hospital. Thursday night clinics were spent assessing potential laser patients whilst trying to dodge the cleaners and we then had to taxi patients over the Pennines for their laser treatment on a shared laser at Manchester Eye Hospital. Thankfully our purpose built unit is now in operation and we are very proud of the facililty we have and the service that we offer.

Jo was successful in her application for the post of Anterior Segment Nurse Coordinator in 2008 and she currently splits her time between her private patients in Sheffield Vision Centre and her NHS responsibilities. Her NHS role includes assessing all patients who are due to have surgery for Glaucoma, and also all patients due for corneal operations (including all corneal transplants). She also runs her own corneal clinics within the Outpatients department.

Personal biography - Jo is married with two cats, works ridiculous hours, is totally dedicated to her patients, and also to her two corneal surgeons who she mothers terribly, she is always cheery and is a much loved member of our team.  Somehow she finds the energy to enjoy her volunteer work at Sheffield Arena as a Steward in her spare time. 

Chrissie Rising - to be completed

"Chrissie and Jo could quite easily be sisters. Their personalities are strong and cheerful, they have a huge amount of experience and they know what they are doing. They take charge of your care and my advice is simply, do what you are told!" - Jon Stokes (Principal optometrist)

Jon Stokes – Principal Optometrist

Professional Biography - Jon originally trained and worked as a dispensing optician and contact lens fitter for Hamblins' medical eye centres and later Dollond and Aitchison before returning to education as a mature student to obtain a first class honours degree in optometry. He joined the NHS in 2003 and co-manages the optometry department here at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital with a specialist interest in refractive surgery and the medical application of contact lenses.

Personal Biography - Jon is married with two sons and lives in Greenhill. He enjoys a busy family life, keeps fit by cycling to and from work everyday (but grumbles about this a lot through the winter months). Relaxation is: washing the car, walking the dog, DIY and spending time with his family - a simple life - although he has been known to de-stress in an evening by playing the drums badly to the annoyance of his neighbours. His photo is photoshopped and from quite a few years ago!

Katy Kelly - Optometrist (Refractive Surgery )

Professional biography - Katy joined the NHS in 2009 after working for a number of years as a community optometrist. She enjoys the variety of work in both the NHS clinics as well as within Sheffield Vision Centre. Katy is quite involved with our NHS diabetic service where she supports medical retina consultants in their very busy sight saving clinics.

Personal biography - Katy is married with two young children, she lives in Sheffield, and enjoys running and the great outdoors when she can find the time. She is a dedicated mother to her children and that caring nature is obvious to everyone who meets her.

Deborah Mullens - Optometrist (Refractive Surgery)

Professional biography – Deborah did her first degree in chemistry, many years ago (her words not mine!), she then did a few marketing jobs and went back-packing before deciding to retrain as an optometrist in 1995. She obtained a first class honours degree in Optometry and has since been working for a well-respected independent Opticians here in Sheffield before joining our small team here at the Hallamshire Hospital in 2009. Deborah has specialist experience in refractive surgery, medical contact lenses and vitreo-retinal disease.

Personal Biography - Deborah is married with 3 teenage children, and when she finds time, enjoys running in Ecclesall woods and the Peaks, walking the family dog and has recently taken up tap dancing lessons. She is a member of the Sheffield Local Optical Committee. Deborah's lifestyle is one of continuous demand and we are all amazed by her energy. She is not one to sit and watch Poldark with a glass of prosecco and a bag of salted cashews (that's my wife).


All of the Optometrists that work in SVC are employed by the NHS. They are salaried, they have not sales targets and receive no bonus or commissions. Joanne, Jennifer, Holly and Corinne are all are excellent dedicated professionals who work primarily in NHS clinics but additionally provide support for Sheffield Vision Centre as required. Most often they work in our Opticians service providing eye examinations for staff and increasingly nowadays the general public. SVC Opticians is open to all, but it is a private fee paying service.

Service Level Management Team

Heather McCormack – (Service coordinator). Heather dedicates her time to ensuring all the behind the scenes processes are in place and run smoothly to allow front of house staff to deliver an exceptional service to all of our patients in both the NHS and SVC. I do not use the word dedicate lightly - without her conscientious dedication we would struggle to deliver the service that our patients deserve.

Jayne Glasby - (Retail coordinator). Jayne is responsible for the face to face experience that patients receive within Sheffield Vision Centre. Jayne brings a smile and endless positivity to the team. She will arrive at work on the coldest, wettest and most miserable mid winter morning and burst through the doors smiling and exhilarated by the walk to work. Her passion for 1st class service delivery is extraordinary.

Lauren Reed-Fenney (Dispensing Optician). Lauren is a more recent and very welcomed addition to our team. She has years of experience from a high street retail optical environment and is a fully qualified dispensing Optician; this brings an additional level of professionalism to our service. Lauren's primary focus is on the accurate manufacture and dispensing of spectacles within our Opticians service, but she has also become a key member of our surgical assessment team where her optical knowledge comes in very useful.

SVC Optical Care Advisors

Anne, Alison, Tina and Deborah - These are the people whose tireless work keeps everything running smoothly day after day. Their role is too varied to list but essentially they will look after your journey with us from start to finish.  From gathering the information we need to book you an assessment appointment to typing up your discharge summary a year or two later once we are sure we have achieved our goal - they will facilitate this journey. They will no doubt chastise me for not elaborating further on the endless jobs that they do to support us.

NHS Optometry Optical Care Advisors

Not wanting to forget the other two members of our team who work purely within the NHS providing care for patients who most often have no choice but to visit the hospital and receive our attention. Caroline and Christina keep the NHS Optometry and contact lens clinic running, providing contact lenses to patient who are  unable to see with spectacles or who need contact lenses to reduce the pain from a variety of eye conditions. Some patients wear contact lenses to hide a disfigured eye.