Why choose SVC Opticians?

1. We like to think that we offer a friendly professional service and provide top quality products at very competitive prices.

2. Our optometrists are salaried NHS employees; they have no sales targets and receive no sales commission. They are free to give you open and honest advice.
3. Our Opticians are given time to be accurate and thorough. 30 minute appointments are routine, 40 minutes for older patients and we are happy to extend this appointment time even further if you have special needs. 

4. We routinely offer a thorough dilated eye examination for the 50 and over age group.   

5. The profit from this business is directly reinvested to support the NHS.

Why should I pay £30 for an eye examination?

It is true that some opticians may choose to provide a free or heavily discounted eye examination, but, they will need to recover the cost of providing this undervalued service.  Optometrist’s time and the equipment that a modern practice requires is not cheap and there is sometimes a pressure on the optometrist to sell spectacles in order to recover the loss. There may additionally be some pressure to see a high number of patients each day.

Other opticians choose to charge a realistic fee for their eye examination:  At Sheffield Vision Centre we strongly believe in the need to charge a reasonable fee for an eye examination that reflects the time spent by the optometrist and also considers the cost of maintaining the equipment used.  In this way our optometrists cover their own costs and are free to offer open and honest advice, there is no pressure to sell products to recover the cost of the eye examination.  Our spectacles and contact lenses can then be more competitively priced as they are no longer supporting the clinical side of the business.  We believe that the clinical and the commercial side of our business should be separated as much as possible.

At Sheffield Vision Centre, we conduct full and thorough eye examinations for £30.  Eye examinations take anywhere between half an hour and an hour using a wide range of diagnostic tests at no extra cost.  We believe, at this "all in" price, a periodic eye examination at Sheffield Vision Centre, is great value for money.

We hope you do to!