Private eye examinations are £30.  They are conducted by our experienced hospital based optometrists.  Our optometrists are salaried NHS employees, they do not receive sales related bonuses, and are under no pressure to sell.  They will give an open and honest appraisal of your eyecare needs.  Our Optometrists need time to be accurate and thorough, and for this reason we would ask you to plan to be with us for at least an hour in total. The actual time with your optometrist is usually about 1/2 an hour but if you feel your needs are complex and we may require more time, please feel free to ask our reception staff to book you for an extended eye examination at no extra cost. This appointment adds an extra 20 minutes to your Optometrists time.

Over 60's Eye examination - We want to give you the most accurate and thorough eye examination possible.  In order to do this we may need to dilate your pupils: The older eye is more difficult to examine (the pupils are smaller and the inner eye less clear), and yet at the same time, the older eye is at more at risk from disease.  For this reason our optometrists may ask your pernission to dilate your pupils with special eye drops to ensure that they are able to examine your eyes with the same clarity as would be achievable in a much younger patient.  These eye drops, if you choose to accept them, will blur your vision for a short while afterwards and you are therefore advised not to drive.

Please note - We are unable to offer free NHS eye examinations or provide NHS optical vouchers. For this reason we do not offer a childrens service. 

The Sheffield Vision Centre is owned and managed by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. All profit is directly reinvested to support core NHS services.