Laser Eye Surgery

The advertised cost of laser eye surgery can be very confusing and sometimes simply misleading.  At Sheffield Vision Centre, we take a transparent and simple approach to pricing - regardless of your prescription.

Some clinics may advertise low initial fees, but these prices often only cover very small prescriptions and the most basic of treatments.  Extra investigations and refinements in treatment will carry surcharges. At Sheffield Vision Centre we ask our patients to consider an all-inclusive fee, for the whole treatment and aftercare. Easy payment plans that spread the cost of treatment are also available upon request.

Laser eye surgery price comparison

When making comparisons between our prices and those on the 'high street' it is important to be comparing like with like. There are a number of factors affecting price that most prospective laser eye surgery patients aren't aware of until they attend their consultation, such as:

All-laser LASIK and ReLEx SMILE eye surgery is £1900 per eye - all inclusive.

LASEK eye surgery is £1500 per eye - all inclusive.

Remember that he profit from this business is directly reinvested to support the NHS eye department here in Sheffield.

Refractive Lens Surgery

Refractive lens surgery can be a more appropriate treatment for older patients wanting long term stability or for younger patients with very high refractive errors that are not amenable to laser eye surgery. The surgery is a little more invasive and for the following reasons, it costs a little more.

Refractive lens surgery ranges from £2900 to £3500 per eye depending on the exact type of lens implant used.

It is normal to perform the surgery under local anaesthetic, but if you feel a general anaesthetic is required, please discuss this with your surgeon at your initial assessment. There will an extra fee for operations performed under general anaesthetic.

Retail Opticians

Eye Examinations £30

Contact lens Assessment and Fitting £60 (reduced to £30 if considered unsuitable and no fitting takes place)

Contact Lens Check

£30 SVC Supplied Contact lenses

£60 Contact Lenses From Elsewhere (eg. Internet)