Before treatment, you will have the opportunity to meet with your surgeon to discuss any worries you may have in advance. At Sheffield Vision Centre our surgeons are available to answer any queries you have well in advance of your treatment day, to ensure that you are confident about the decision you have made.
In laser eye surgery, both eyes are usually treated immediately one after the other. Laser eye surgery is performed in the purpose-built Sheffield Vision Centre. You will be in the laser room for about 15 to 30 minutes. Laser eye surgery treatment is generally pain-free.


Immediately after treatment your eyes may be a little uncomfortable and your vision a little blurred but most patients have reasonable navigational vision. You do need someone to travel home with you and you should plan to leave the clinic and travel home immediately after treatment. Lasik and ReLExSmILE have a more comfortable recovery than Lasek, and Lasik particularly has a quicker visual recovery. You will be provided with a local number for use after treatment if you need advice. You will also be issued with an out of hours emergency number. Most patients never need it, but it's nice to know that you have it in case you feel anxious about anything following the procedure out of office hours.

Visual recovery depends very much on the type of laser treatment and the complexity of the pre-operative refractive error, but most patients resume normal daily living very soon after. Lasik has a quicker and more predictable visual recovery, SmILE has a more variable recovery, and Lasek generally takes longer for vision to stabilize. Whilst we do hear reports of patients returning to work the next day, it is not recommended, and most patients will plan to be off work for three or four days following treatment. Particularly with SmILE and Lasek, patients may pencil in a little longer off work just in case the visual recovery is slower than average. You will use medicated eye drops for between a week and a month depending on your proceedure. Sometimes artificial tear lubricants are required for a longer period.