Laser surgery is not suitable for everyone. Your prescription, your age, and the condition of your eyes can all govern this, but other treatments are available to reduce and possibly get rid of your need for spectacles or contact lenses.

Clear Lens Replacement (otherwise known as refractive lens exchange) is a surgical procedure for middle aged or older patients (usually 50+) that removes the natural lens of the eye (which has by this time lost most of its focussing flexibility) and replaces it with a synthetic lens. The surgical technique is very much like cataract surgery, simply performed before a cataract has developed.

Phakic intra ocular lenses are generally used for younger patients with very extreme prescriptions that means laser eye surgery is not an option. See the "Are you suitable?" link on the left for more information.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists have published some excellent balanced advice on lens based refractive surgery which can be found by following these links:

Clear Lens Replacement (otherwise known as Refractive Lens Exchange) -

Phakic Intra Ocular Lens (otherwise known as implantable contact lens) -