All aftercare takes place within Sheffield Vision Centre. 

Your first post-operative review is with your surgeon. Our hospital based Optometrists will then ensure that you are satisfied with the visual outcome over a series of follow up appointments.  Since both our surgeons are full time employees of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, an appointment can always be arranged for you to see your surgeon at any point in your post operative recovery if required. 

For Clear Lens Replacement Surgery only:

We have already mentioned the potential to require Laser Eye Surgery enhancement in order to maximise your visual outcome. This is an option either required or chosen by around 5-10% of patients. Sheffield Vision Centre are able to offer this extra procedure free of charge if required (and considered safe and sensible) within 5 years of your initial surgery, giving you the very best chance of an excellent visual outcome and total satisfaction.

We tend to follow your progress for about a year. One of the reasons for this protracted follow up is to monitor the clarity of a supportive membrane within your eye that we rest the implanted lens against during surgery. It is fairly common (20-40% of patients) for this membrane to lose some of its clarity with time. If this membrane does slowly lose its clarity, we are able to offer a procedure known as YAG Laser Capsulotomy which is a quick and quite simple low risk procedure to remove this membrane and restore your visual clarity if required. There is no charge for this additional procedure if required within 5 years of your initial surgery.

If you're interested in learning more about Refractive Lens Surgery please call 0114 2711 564 to book a complimentary consultation.